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Sperm Freezing, a modern medical technique, delivers the solution to infertilile patients. Sperm freezing is the technique whereby sperm cells are cryopresrved to save them for future utilization.

Sperm cells have been solidified and defrosted effectively for over 40 years.

By utilizing uncommon innovation and afterward keeping sperm in fluid nitrogen (-196°C), it can be put away for a long time while as yet keeping up a sensible quality.

Why Sperm Freezing is followed?
Life is full of unexpected things but we thank to our medical science which has given us techniques to preserve biological material for future, where Sperm Freezing is an example which is followed in some of the situations such as,

  • Vasectomy.
  • Male being away from home on day of assisted reproductive treatment.
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy in cancer cases.
  • High-risk occupations or sports.
  • Vision eyeglass

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