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Egg Freezing


A technique called Egg Freezing is used to make the woman’s eggs available in future for those women who are unwilling to have children now and want to preserve their fertility due to various personal reasons(careers, financial problems, marital issues , broken marriages etc).

Through this fertility treatment woman’s oocytes are extracted to keep stored and frozen until the woman is ready to become pregnant, so that after taking the decision to have a baby the frozen eggs can be thawed and used to develop as an embryo, which are transplanted into the uterus.

How DIFC do the process?
Egg freezing is done following the same protocol as IVF. Women are stimulated with medicine/injectables to produce more number of oocytes. The eggs are retrieved and frozen in the lab under appropriate conditions and can be used for future use.

Is Egg Freezing Treatment for you?
At Fertility Center, we prescribe Egg Freezing treatment to our patients in some of situations such as,

  • Severe hyper stimulation (Ovarian hyper stimulation), the eggs may be frozen for future use.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Woman herself wants to preserve her eggs for future use.
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